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Fur coat & no contact ...


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Apparently, the Danish mink industry is to be decimated. 17 million captive animals on mink farms are to be culled because coronavirus has been found within the animals which is able to mutate & affect humans. Presumably, these animals have never travelled outside their farm boundaries or hung out socially with their friends on drunken pub crawls. Makes you wonder just how much this virus is transmitted by social contact .

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Depends on where they got it from in the first place.

If one of the "farm" workers passed it to the mink then it would soon spread throughout the rest through contact in the pens. Especially so given that they are crowded into the pens in the first place and so are in greater contact than most humans (and more often).

Does make you wonder what other animals could be infected, pigs are supposed to be fairly close to humans aren't they?

On a tangent your title does remind me of a phrase that my nan would use as a derogatory term for certain women. "all fur coat and no knickers that one". as a kid it would make me giggle as in my innocence i did not know what she meant.

As i grew older i would often wonder when i saw a woman in a fur coat.....🤔.....:shock:

Now i realise it means that the woman was pretending to be of a higher social class than she started out as.The phrase inferring that she "spent money" on what was seen but "underneath" was lacking in certain areas such as breeding.

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