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Fur coat & no contact ...


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Apparently, the Danish mink industry is to be decimated. 17 million captive animals on mink farms are to be culled because coronavirus has been found within the animals which is able to mutate & affect humans. Presumably, these animals have never travelled outside their farm boundaries or hung out socially with their friends on drunken pub crawls. Makes you wonder just how much this virus is transmitted by social contact .

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According to scientist, in nature animals carry viruses, if left alone and not contacted by humans we don't get infected.  But, when crowded into pens in wet markets, some viruses jump the species barrier into the human population and visa versa.   That's how, allegedly, this whole thing started. There clearly needs to be higher standards of livestock inspection and hygene globally, and thankfully, the Danes must have it, otherwise they wouldn't have spotted this.  As for the Mink going on raves, they may not, but their keepers might.  😷

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