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Can you get through ?

Observer II

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Been trying to phone to renew my car insurance, but keep losing the line.   There's a preamble on voicemail, saying there may be difficulties due to staff working from home; but the question is, how do you get insured, if you can't get through ?  PS tried their website - no better.      :rolleyes:

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Done all mine by email.

They sent me the renewal quote, was happy with it so sent them an email back saying yep. documentation received the following day via email again.

Similar with the bike apart from one phone call to make the payment everything done via email.

Don't get me started on gadget battery life.phone needs a charge once a week even thought it never gets used, mind you it is on all the time. it is the kindle fire thing that annoys me at present.

had 85 % battery charge on Tuesday when i turned it OFF. Had 25% battery life on Wednesday when i turned it on. the thing is i only use is as an e-reader at the moment and even then for an hour a day. everything on it i dont need is stopped including wifi and it has been put into air plane mode which is supposed to shut down any unneeded softare and preserve battery life.

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