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Fast post box.


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Anyone know the location of a post box in town that gets emptied more often than others. I have a letter to post over the weekend and if I use the one near our house, it will be sat there till 4pm on Monday.

When the PO was on Springfield St the one there used to get emptied several times a day.

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The latest collection each day is the pair outside Milner Street Delivery Office. There is a business post and a standard box there. It is likely that the 4pm on your local box is misleading though, it effectively means that the postman will have collected from the box towards the end of his round which should by 4pm. It no longer tells you on the box when the next collection will be like it used to. The one at the top of Buttermarket street is the old business box and used to be collect at the end of business at the Buttermarket Street Branch Office, and was this emptied at the same times as the office moveĀ  to the Market Square and presumably now to Smiths. The Delivery Office moved from Springfield Street to Milner Street so that box is the one with the characteristics you associate with Springfield Street. The answer is still Milner Street DO.

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