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ROME the TV series


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This week's episode has the young Octavian choosing Livia to be his companion and wife. Livia must divorce her husband to take the job, and she has one son already,Tiberius. The actress seems not yet 20, yet cunning and ambitious. It plays wonderfully with memories of the old Livia in I, CLAUDIUS.


Elsewhere in the same episode two children are following a relocating Jewish family as the father is pulling a cart with all their possessions, and one child shouts 'are we there yet?' Maybe the writer has found a timeless phrase, eh?


And what a cliff hanger~~ Titus Pullo fiercely battling local thugs, and Mark Antony arriving in Egypt and seeing Cleopatra again. (yes, I know they skipped the meeting on her barge farther north...)

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I believe this was the fourth or fifth episode of the Second Season.


By the way in the third, Tobias Menzies (Marcus Brutus)along with Cassius loses the battle to the Triumvirate's legions in Greece, and doesn't fall on his sword as Shakespeare described. Still, it plainly is a suicide.


I feel sorry for Ray Stevenson and Kevin McKidd because they've gotten directions from so many different writers and directors. Still, it's fun to watch this dynamic duo.

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