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Observer II

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Before we celebrate Independence Day on 1st Feb 2020;  we still have 11 months of "negotiation" to wade through, with the EU trying every which way to cause delay and presumably continue getting our money.  Seems they also want access to our fishing grounds and are threatening to prevent our access to their financial market if they don't get it.  So Boris still has to "get it done".

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The term "level playing field" will be the EU theme for negotiation, meaning that if our current alignment with EU rules is maintained, it will mean frictionless trade could continue; whilst any departure would mean tariffs.   Sorry M.Barnier but we voted to leave, not for BRINO ,  so I guess we'll take the friction in return  for the freedom;   and given we import more from you than we export to you, any tariffs will be reciprocated, no doubt upsetting your farmers and car workers.  As for your putting a marker down on access to our fishing grounds,  no way,  and hopefully the RN will make sure you stay out.   It seems the EU now wants to have the cake and eat it, so it's looking like "no deal" if Boris sticks to his guns.

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