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On 12/23/2019 at 9:57 AM, Bill said:

But wasn't it the case that 90% of their business and staff was already US based?


Bill :)


Go to Japan or India or Germany tell them you want to take over one of their core industries I bet you won't get the attitude of oh well they sell more VW abroad then Germany so it is OK for it to be taken over  unlike the UK were we seem to see it as a special achievement to be celebrated when a company gets taken over by a foreign owned one.

When Nissan decided to scale back its production of Jukes, they did not do it by shutting down the Japanese production line but the UK one, same is true of Fiatwhen they were reducing production they did it by scaling back production in their Italian factories but its overseas factories.

The profits will go to the USA were it will pay its taxes not the UK 

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