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Bewsey Old Hall Footpath Closure


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It's a long time since I was on here and I'd like to say that it was easy to pitch up again but found it very difficult to get to grips with the format upgrade since last I was here.

The Urban Splash 48 apartment  enabling development related to the Bewsey Old Hall has been ongoing since 2005 but only gained final approval by Government Inspector in 2009.

Since then the site has been a shambles but latest activity has resulted in a  local footpath described  in the approval as a public right of way has been closed.  The footpath is a continuation of Bewsey Farm Close, that's adjacent to the Maltings, and gives access to Bewsey Park and also to Ladies Walk Wood.  It was highlighted on Warrington  World Wide on Tuesday.

Charles Bluck is gathering witness statements fron people who can say that they used the footpath regularly so it can be included in the WBC inventoryof footpaths. Urban Splash were the original developer but this changed ?  I hope that forumeers will support this foot path, which  was laid by Warrington New Town in the 70's and has been in continuous use ever since, by contacting Mr Bluk as listed below. Needless to say the longer and more often you have used it the better.you have used it the better.

Contact is:  cbluk@warrington.gov.uk

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Hi Boris, good to see you back on here again.

I'm afraid there's no point in me writing in as I've never used the footpath as I don't live over that side of town.  I wish I did as I'd certainly complain about it's closure.

I'm sure there are people on here (members or just guests who read daily) who will be more than willing to object and send in witness statements.

Good luck :D 

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