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Sign in password not recognised - multiple resets needed

Eddie Newall

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I have to keep resetting my password to be able to sign in, but after signing out and trying to sign back in I get "The password you entered is incorrect. Please try again (make sure your caps lock is off). "  I am stuck in this loop.

After one attempt to reset my password I got the following error message: "Sorry, there is a problem. You are not awaiting validation for a lost password request. Error code: 2S151/1"

I have contacted admin and they have reset my password but the problem persists.

Anyone else having this problem?



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Do you use saved login details in your browser so that you can login without having to type in anything. Just a thought, it may be worth checking your saved logins as it may be trying to use an incorrect saved password.

Make sure you have the one that works written down and check your saved logins and delete all the ones for warrington worldwide forum, re enter the forum using the known working details and save them again.

(My assumption is that you are logging in from a pc or equivalent desktop/laptop computer.)

The only time i had a problem similar was when my pc went pop and i had to reload all my software. Forgot to write down some passwords and had to try and guess what the login details were for several sites. Did not help that some had been set up using one of my alternate email addresses.

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I tried deleting the saved logins for warrington worldwide forum but that didn't make any difference - password still not recognised (in Firefox).

The signin window says to sign in with either the display name or email address. I have been trying to sign in with my email address so decided to try with my display name instead.

And bugger me if that resulted in a successful signin - the problem wasn't my password, it was not recognising my email address.

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That was the one thing i never thought of telling you to try. Probably because it never crossed my mind at the time that you need to use your screen name and not your email address to log in. Great technology, when it works like you want it to.

Have a habit now of using an excel spreadsheet to put my passwords in and then printing a hard copy. Checked it yesterday and was surprised at the number of websites i have joined over the years.

odd really as i only ever seem to visit the same half dozen on a regular basis.

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Hiya Eddie and sorry for my slow reply as I've only just seen your post on here as I've been AWOL for a few days.  I was the one who reset your Password for you the other day after your contacted Gary.  Seems you have it sorted now though and YES you do have to log in using your Display Name not your Email Address.

I tend to never bother logging out of the Forum regardless of how I am accessing it so whenever I come on either via my desktop pc, tablet of mobile phone it's just there.  I've been a member for well over 10 years and leaving it logged in has never caused me a problem.  I suppose the only downside of me not logging out is that I do sometimes worry that my son will come on my desktop pc etc and post random things on the forum in my name.   He's big enough for me to thump though if he ever does ha ha . 

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