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I need some advice - not from PJ, I haven't sunk that low.  Sorry PJ, no offense, it's not personal, I hate all liberals.  All of my life I have been a bike rider, raced since I was fourteen and still train today.  Yes,  in Lycra, but I have never taken offense at your disparagement and insults - you bastards !  Anyway,  for years I have never had to worry about my weight or shape, on the other hand, my good wife has had to battle age related porkiness !! (Why do I think I'm going to regret that).  I have constantly intimated that some control was in order - for your health dear.  She, to my delight has done a sterling job and is now looking trimmer than ever.  However, I now have a problem, due to a couple of surgeries and a lot of golf, I have not ridden as much lately and this evening, after a shower, I saw myself sideways on in the mirror and shock, shock, I looked like I was smuggling basketballs !!  I now have a trim wife and I am a barrage ballon !  What do I do ?  Don't say diet - hair kari would be a better option !

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I assume by smuggling basket balls you are referring to the "beer belly", the alternative is too much to imagine at seven am on a Sunday morning.😯

I suppose one of those electric belts that tone the muscle that are advertised all over the place might be an option. however, depending on the setting you can look a right wierdo twitching away every few seconds.

The other alternative would be to get "Fuel tank" tattooed on the waist line.

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4 hours ago, Stallard12 said:

Fat and happy and affable.  Better than skinny, gray and miserable.  Amazing how we dominate the Olympics, being in such terrible shape!   😀

Measuring a populations fitness by its elite is a little desperate,  did you know, on average, one American citizen has a heart attack every 40 seconds or so and the USA is in the top 20 most obese countries.  Like I said, you should fit right in lol.


I, on the other hand, have the heart of a lion,      and a lifetime ban from Chester Zoo ;)

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