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swans in a picture

Evil Sid

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well done that man. If i hadn't told you how many young there was it would have been almost impossible to get it. Even with the picture full screen and zoomed it i nearly got it wrong.

that was just the ones i got a picture off there were at least half a dozen more floating about the place.

Don't know what the deal is with the goose though. Either it thinks it's a swan or the swans do. Been with them all season.

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Ok so I think I can see 13 swans and 1 goose now...but maybe that's cos I've had a glass or two tonight :lol:

I sort of feel sorry for the goose though but hey if it thinks it's a swan and they have accepted it as such then that's good :)

Can geese and swans mate?....look out for little Geens or Swagees next year bless <3 


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They seem almost tame and will let you go up to them without any hissing or honking in the case of the goose.

the day i took the pictures i was standing at a bench talking to a mate when i felt a tap on my back pocket. turned round  to find one of the swans trying to see if i had anything it could eat in it.  looked at me expectantly for a few minutes and then when it realised i hadn't got owt it gave a sort of shrug and wandered off again.

Considering this is within a mile of town centre it is surprising the amount of wildlife you can see on a good day.

best day was when i saw both a mink and a cormorant along with the swans,geese, ducks, moor hens, water hens,crows and rooks, enough magpies to make a new version of hitchcock's classic birds, a family of buzzards and a kingfisher, although that was just a fleeting glance as it zoomed past. No need to watch spring watch when all that is within two minutes walk of where i live.( three minutes if i stop to look for the pike in the pond nearby).

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