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Raw Meat -


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I remember my mum buying frozen boil in the bag beef and gravy many many years ago so surely that's just the same.  In fact what ever happened to that as it was so tasty :D

Supermarkets have been selling chickens and fish in bags for years (not together obviously ha ha) that you put straight into the oven too without having to open them so nowt new I'm afriad Obs.... not to mention those little packets of seasoning which come with a bag that you just shove everything in then seal with a little tie and cook.

Just to show I'm not a complete lazy ar*e though I did make a hotpot today with beef that I cut up myself with scissors (easier than using a knife)  .....ok so I didn't spend ages chopping and peeling all the leeks, carrots, parsnips, potatoes, onions etc etc as I bought 2 bags ready prepared ... I did open them myself though unaided :oops::lol: 

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:D     Now you've reminded me, I have tried the bake in the bag fish, can't say I liked it though.  But this article seemed to be trying to suggest that the millennials (snowflakes) are too squeamish to handle raw meat, maybe it was just a slow news day .:wacko:

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Can still get boil in the bag beef and gravy, (bisto do it and quite tasty but not many slices in it).

Hotpot hmm (that reminds me must get some ingredients for a casserole for saturday.)

there are certain raw stuff that i won't handle, but chicken beef and pork are not amongst the list. Don't really do fish as Mrs sid allergic to white fish and i don't like salmon or tuna.

odd thought fish tend to taper at each end yet the tins of salmon and tuna are all the same diameter so how come the tins are full.

I always use a knife for the meat, a good sharp knife is just as easy to use as scissors, (another job sharpen the ceramic knives)

as for millennials being squeamish about raw meat i blame a soft upbringing and too many pre-packaged foods. (odd though that they will quite gladly eat raw fish)

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Obs, what in the heck! is a millennial and a snowflake (in the context of this topic), I am obviously missing something here and really must get out more. Beef in the bag with gravy although if my memory serves me correctly it was more like thin brow water than gravy has been around for donky's years.

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