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1 if you are connecting  wirelessly then try a cabled connection from the laptop to the printer to see if it works.

2 if your printer connects to the router via a wireless connection, check that the printer is seeing the router.(also that it is seeing the right router eg yours and not your neighbours)

3 check that the printer is being seen by your laptop ( i assume it is as you said it says printer not ready but worth checking that you have the right printer selected)

4 try updating the printer software on your laptop.

5 have a look on the printer website for your printer to see if there is a firmware update for it.

6 an obvious one but has been known, check that your printer is turned on and all connections to it are plugged in correctly.

if these do not work try a very big hammer on your printer and buy a new one.

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I have found that re installing or updating the printer software can solve the problem also check your printer inks don't need replacing.

Has Windows installed a new update that can sometimes upset your settings,  check 'Settings' -  Devices and printers that the printer you are using is the dedicated printer

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