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A tribute to my late mother, a Cockhedge mill girl, on whose knee I first heard these songs.

MissFlorrie Ford : She's a lassie from Lancashire.......        Oh oh  Antonio........     She's only a bird in a golden cage......    And from others :  An old man staggered down the aisle....(The volunteer organist).  

I left off from home just this morning,

Bound for nobody knows where,

For I had a row with my father, about all the things I had done,

He called me a drunk and a gambler, not fit to be called his son.

My poor mother broke down crying, my boy oh my boy do not leave,

I love you and need and want you to stay right  here by my side.

I know she'll be there at the window,  day after day as I roam,

Waiting and watching and wondering, about a boy who will never come home.

You gotta love those Victorians.



Altogether now.........   Come on Algy, I know you know the words.  I bet Harry would be the first one up.   Ahhh, once again, nostalgia.


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Nostalgia isn't like it used to be. I remember the days when we could be nostalgic from dawn 'til dusk, but people nowadays don't seem to have time for a good bout of nostalgia......

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bit of googling says the show ran from 1953 to 1983.

I remember my gran managed to get tickets to one of the shows. Despite watching closely we never did spot her in the audience.

Have to wonder how early you had to get there before the filming started. Having to kit out 500 audience members with victorian costumes must have taken a couple of hours at least.

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