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What Happened to community police officers


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7 hours ago, observer said:

Spotted one in Marsh House Lane today:  she was about 5ft tall and plump, and enforcing the law all on her own !       :D

You'll have the political correctness police after you now for derogatory comments re a persons height or body shape Obs :lol:

Regardless of the 'said stature' she was clearly doing her job very well  if she was on her own enforcing the law :D 

I sometimes wish I'd been a Police Officer as I think I'd be good at it ...oh and and I'd love to be able to slam dunk tackle a person to the floor then hold then in an arm lock while reading them their rights.    I guess that's not the right reason for signing up though :lol:

We do still occasionally see CPO's round here (both male and female) but not very often unless there is an event on and all look very young.  I think they probably patrol the village centre at weekends too but I never go there. 

Well done to them though I say as it must take guts and a calm but firm nature to deal with many of the idiots on the streets these days without resorting to slapping them.   

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