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Warrington WW1 Soldiers Memorial Plaque comes home to his family.


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Warrington, WW1 Soldiers Memorial Plaque. (Death Plaque) comes home to his family after nearly 100 years.
On the spur of the moment our son Andrew Googled my Great uncle Thomas Victor Johnson's name and it immediately came up with the name of a site with Thomas's Memorial plaque for sale and after establishing it's authenticity purchased it along with my daughter for my Christmas present, it is something I could never have dreamed of ever having and is a chance in millions of ever finding the plaque, Andrew still has no idea why he chose to search for it at that moment, thank goodness he did.
The photo of the soldier is my Great uncle Tom, Rifleman S2135 Thomas Victor Johnson, 11th (S) Battalion Rifle Brigade.





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How sad  :(  
It only occurred to me earlier that I remember seeing a beautiful poppy wreath that you laid for him a couple of years ago with the same photo on at Bridge Foot Cenotaph. 
Seeing that at the time brought tears to my eyes too, as did many of them and the messages left, and I remember taking a close up photo of yours when I walked over there later in the day
to pay my own respects to them all as I couldn't make it to the actual Remembrance Sunday service.
I bet your great uncle is looking down on you and your family now with a big smile on his face and saying 'Wow nice one family for keeping my name alive and remembering me and what I did' :wub::D

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