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The Turin shroud


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The Turin Shroud is a fake. It is dated to medieval times.


Also, 1st century Jews were buried in bandages round the body and another set of bandages round the head. No external wrappings surrounded them.


There are some mysteries though. The artist was just about the only medieval to know that the Romans used whips with tiny metal dumb-bells for the scouring. And that crucifixion victims were nailed in the hollow of the wrist and not the plam. He didn't know about the little blocks of olive wood for hammering the nails through to so as to get the nails into the wrists, though... :D


How was the painting done? The 3-D negative image of the painting is INCREDIBLE. And it is almost photographic. (My bet is that the man used as the model for representing Jesus was a dead Italian crusader.) Last of all, authentic images of coins just like those of 1st century Judaea are featured on the eyes. Except that Pontius Pilate, for reasons of being deliberately obnoxious to the Jews used coins depicting the augur's sickle, not palm leaves as on the coins depicted in the Turin Shroud :D:wink:


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Obvious fake as said ........ Christ is still depicted as looking like a typical western European male of the Crusading period. He would have looked nothing like this 'stereo typical' image.

The Knights Templars at one point claimed to have the Holy Grail and also the head of Christ in their possession, other stories tell of the head of Christ buried beneath the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

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The difference is that I opt for the view that the wars against the Scots and the French were pre-planned, but the Jewish expulsion was more off-the-cuff. That said, Edward's resentment against the Jews had been growing, and was in keeping anyway with the anti-Jewish sentiment inbuilt into European medieval Catholicism. His mother Eleanor of Provence was fiercely anti-Jewish and played a big part in poisoning Edward against the English Jews. But in the end the big pound signs in his eyes getting bigger was the key. The Scottish war is more of an anachronism on my part actually as we both know that the Jews were expelled in 1290, and the Scottish wars, were from 1296 onwards. I always was guilty of arguing with people I agree with; a trait I have inherited gentically from my grandfather on my Mum's side, who got it in turn from his cheeky little Welsh mother. :P

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