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Stranger than fiction -


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Believe there was an episode of Dr Who (don't watch it myself), which showed a black person as a Victorian soldier. Even the writer questioned the historical accuracy of this modification by the BBC, who have a policy of including our current diverse make up.  However, after some research, they found that an African boy was adopted by the Durham Light Infantry and went on to serve in the Regiment.  More research found that even women served in Victoria's Army in India, but how they went undiscovered is a mystery !    No doubt the BBC will go on to portray our LGBT community in an historical context in the future !    :huh:

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They could make a programme about it ,maybe call it Rainbow ?

But i believe the Royal Navy of Nelson's day was multicultural & multiracial with many sailors actually fighting against ships of their mother countries & with even British sailors working for foreign navies, so it is highly possible that the army of the day was similarly populated.

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Right about the Navy Dave; as ships had to replenish crews from all round the world when out at sea. Think they even had some women, certainly young boys - "powder monkeys" who carried the gun powder to the guns.  So truly multi-ethnic and multi-national.  Not sure about the regular Army though;  the cases of females serving, I think applied to the period of the East India Company.  The Indian Army was by it's very nature multi-ethnic, with an array of Regiments from all over the sub-continent, with different religious beliefs; as it still is today. Watching the Trooping of the Colour, one can nowadays notice the "rainbow" effect !    :D

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