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Party leaders mob fighting

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Good opportunity to witness politics in the raw at the moment; to see how, when deprived of the kill, the pack turns on their pack leaders.  Hence we have TM being hounded by close colleagues, with Boris the buffoon set to make the kill; within the year.  Meanwhile, having staved off back stabbing Bliarites , from attempted coups; JC is now unassailable Leader of his pack. However, he didn't win, and perhaps his pack will allow one more  attempt, before turning on him once again.  Such is the sordid nature of politics and of politicians.      :ph34r:

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All been done before, but usually behind closed doors. Uncharted waters indeed, and with the Corbynistas on a roll, the mess will be turned into a shambles, and the Referendum decision will be aborted, which is what their Remoaner MPs wanted all along.        :ph34r:.

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With both parties saying that they have won - all they are doing is spending time on you say we say stuff.

Enter stage left Michael Evil Gove after his yellow card sin bin incident and stage left Boris with his get a grip advice and calm down calm down.

I think that they have been watching too many managers being interviewed on match of the day. 

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