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The Oily bird gets the worm.

harry hayes

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People and birds share something common,

Work your digits to the bone;

Then someone less deserving,

Takes the credit for his own.


Well, I'm a handsome blackbird,

The songster in your tree;

When danger looms from anywhere,

The warnings come from me.


You also have a tiny bird,

With ketchup on his chest;

Territorial and agressive,

How so you love him best?


I serenade all and sundry,

What appreciation flows my way?

"Oh look there's a robin" -

I,m jealous sad to say.


For food I have to forage,

Of work I'm not afraid;

While you know who, helps himself,

To tit-bits from your spade.


As he's such a cheeky fellow,

Perhaps wonder why I'm shy;

I see him on your christamas cards,

But you bake me in a pie.


Does 'home sweet home' mean nothing?

Chop down our conifer tree;

"We'll hang a kettle for the robin",

You put nothing out for me.


If birdies have a heaven,

Haloes as they are due;

Be sure that pesky robin,

Will be there to jump the queue.


So next time you see old red-breast,

For a hand-out on the lurk;

Say it's wrong to live on benefit,

When you're fit enough to work.





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