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Temporary Car Parking.


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I have just had the pleasure of using the temporary car park at the rear of the market.

Problem number one i encountered was the pot holes in the temporary surface, Pot holes full of water so that you have no idea of how deep they may be thus the chance of suspension damage was increased.

Problem number two, Walking to pay for the privilege of parking, my shoes turned steadily from black to white, fortunately i was able to wash my foot ware in a convenient pot hole full of water. Unfortunately, I did not realize that i had a hole in one shoe. on returning home i found that i had one pink foot and one white foot.

Problem number three, I had the option of trekking through the lime stone plane and the miniature lakes only to be confronted by Warringtons answer to Mount Everest, the dreaded stairs into the market. Of course i could have taken the scenic route between the new multi story car park and the rear of the old market. But, that would have involved avoiding every conceivable type of civil engineering machine known to man. Although not quite old enough to remember D Day I assume that the scene at the rear of the market went a long way to resemble the beaches of Normandy.

Problem number four, On returning to my car my first thought was that some yobbo had spray painted it in a lime stone camouflage pattern ! On closer inspection   i realized that my car had been sprayed by some passing vehicles who had the bottle to go faster than 1 MPH.

My rant is now over (almost.)

I am now getting used to the lime stone pattern inside my car , especially , the white foot prints on the floor.







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I park there a couple of times each week and the carpets in the car are now just permanently white.

They probably got some gypsys to do it on the cheap with stone that's so soft it just just crushes down into a cement like slurry that gets everywhere.

The gypsies  have more sense though, they won't park there so they've set up camp this weekend at Sainsbury's.

Bill :)

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Funny you've mentioned that Bill:  I noticed two caravans today, but they looked to small and cheap to be Gypsies.   Nearly ran over one of the kids, who were using the car park as a play area; the Mother screamed; but I didn't exchange abuse, just in case they were Gypsies !     :D

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They might have been gypsies or the first of the tourists come down for the culture that warrington has to offer.:rolleyes:

I have used that car park twice and tend to avoid it on the rare occasions i go into town. my car being rather on the small side struggles climbing out of those potholes. i tend now to use the short stay art cockhedge if i know i will not be long. If i go on the bike then i have no problem as there are plenty of places to park it at no cost. I just hope that when they do finish the multistorey they stick to the same charges as they had, £1.00 for three hours was ideal for when i took MRS sid as we could spend an hour deciding what shop she wanted to visit and the usual twenty minutes wandering round deciding that they did not have what she wanted and can we go back to the first shop again.

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