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Winter's Tale


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Winter has come an' I'm freezing, fingers and toes are dead.

Chillblains are grippin' an' nose is drippin' from the cold in me 'ead.

Slide to me car one dark morning, door's jammed, the air turns blue.

Can't even ride now I'm inside, window's are iced up too.

Out once again with ice scraper, hands gone completely numb,

Work up a sweat but ain't cleared it yet. Slip and land on me bum.

Half an hour later, frost's shifted an' so I can see to drive.

Engine is runnin', car is hummin', windows steam up inside.

Rub a clear space across windscreen. God, Winter's such a pain.

Have I gone blind? Oh, never mind, outside froze up again.

Skid into town, few near misses, no gritter's been in sight.

Slidin' and hoppin', I do me shoppin' then in T J's caff for a bite.

Gather me bags all together. Got to get home somehow.

While I had me scone the frost has all gone.

It's bloody peeing down now. :(




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