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T'cat's Shoe Fetish


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Written in an Accrington accent. :o



T'cat's got a cob on. She's sharp'nin' her claws.

She's givin' me that sort of black look, tha' knows.


She's clambered up t'cortins and scratted at t'chair.

She's covered all t'carpet wi' big lumps of 'air.


She's turned 'er back to me, 'er tail's on the swish.

She's looked in disgust at the food in 'er dish.


A've just tried to stroke 'er an' A wish A'd not,

She caught me a swipe and it's bleedin' - a lot.


But, ey up, that's Laura wot's cum in the door,

Kickin' 'er shoes off in t'middle o' t'floor.


T'cat goes to Laura an' starts a loud purr,

Rubbin' t'child's legs wi' 'er soft silky fur.


Then on to t'shoes she starts rubbin' 'er chin,

Finds th'inside of 'em, sticks 'er 'eyd in,


Rolls on 'em, purrs at 'em, dribbles a lot

Finally lies on 'em, like it or not.


T'moral of t'tale is, what ever you do,

When t'cat's got a cob on, just give it a shoe.


We don't know if t'polish is wot this cat loves.

We know it's not t'leather, she doesn't like gloves.


But give 'er a shoe an' 'er life is complete.

A'm goin' fer a plaster. A'll sithee. Good neet. :wink:

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Accents of any kind fascinate me - I loved that poem Kate, thanks. :D My feller is from Bamber Bridge and has an accent just like that poem - listening to it is like learning another language! Since becomes "sin", yes becomes "arrr", my lady/wife becomes "wor Peg", shall I becomes "am I to.......", I was there becomes "A wer theer", etc, I love listening to it! I may even speak it one day!Arreet? :D8)


Bren.P.S. Who wrote the poem please?


[ 23.01.2008, 21:27: Message edited by: Bren. ]

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