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Electoral Interference ?


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Cyber space is the new war front for international conflict and global crime; with Nations trying to hack each others computer systems and even teenagers in bedrooms just being nosey. So hacking wars are with us, whether politically or commercialy driven by States, or by organised crime, or by mischievious youngsters. But how can this affect a democratic election ?  Unless there are digital technologies involved in the process, and politicians and State operatives are not releasing information outside protected zones; how can hackers interfere with the guy putting a cross on a ballot paper in a voting booth ?

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Misinformation obs, or as it was called in the war propaganda.


"If it on the internet it must be true" seems to be the attitude of a lot of people today.


Seeing is no longer believing given the current state of CGI. Photoshopped images abound. Just look at the problem with the fake news articles that facebook has. Add to that the fact that people love a bit of gossip and are willing to believe it no matter how outrageous.


Finally the yanks have to blame somebody for trump getting elected. :lol:  :lol:  8)  8)

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Think we know about the "fake news" Sid, but all news is corrupted in some way, nowadays: but how does hacking interfere with a guy going into a private booth and putting a cross against the guy he wants to vote for;  or Gov staff counting the votes ?  Perhaps the sour grapes are coming from Western Governments, as they can no longer control and slant information?

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