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Trafalgar Day


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As the two battle fleets made stately progression towards each other in the gentle morning breeze, Admiral Villeneuve made a signal. Having read the flags the midshipman on duty rushed to Lord Nelson and said "I don't understand the flags sir - With water, it is time."

Nelson decided to check the signal. Having considered the signal Nelson turned to the snotty and replied "No, you need to read the signal in the original French - A l'eau, c'est l'heure."


:lol: :lol: :lol:

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There was an interesting drama-doc on TV, based on the diaries of the Chief Surgeon on the Victory. When Nelson was shot by a French sniper, piercing a lung and the spinal cord; he was lay on his side, with his good lung elevated thus allowing him to breath. When news came of the victory, he asked the surgeon to turn him over, which meant he then drowned in his own blood. Believe he was stored in a vat of brandy for the journey home and into history.

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