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Love Meat ?


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Can't get enough of those fillet steaks, sausage and bacon?  Well, we've been told by the WHO that red meat, especially processed meat can cause cancer (indeed what doesn't nowadays?).  Interesting prog on BBC1 tonight, giving the whole question a sense of proportion. Now whilst it is advisable to reduce our consumption, meat is highly nutritious; and the best meats are ironically, some of the cheapest IE: chicken and offal. Whilst chicken consumption has increased radically over recent years, people tend to shy away from liver and kidney; with lamb's liver having one of the highest levels of vitamins and nutrients of the lot. So possibly goodbye to the full English, but not necessarily to meat entirely ?

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This week's cancer scare. If we believe everything these charlatans come up with, we'll starve to death in a matter of weeks. All things in moderation and, bearing in mind that if you smoke you are more than 50% likely to die, take up smoking to improve your chances of survival (think about it :lol: ).

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Glad i read this post through twice given the topic title. :shock::unsure::oops: :oops: :lol: :lol:


All food is bad for you, especially if you avoid it.


Tomatoes for example. All the people born before 1850 and known to have eaten tomatoes are now dead, coincidence?

:lol: :lol: :lol:  I'm a bit worried now though as I had some tomatoes with my tea tonight....ooh heck :lol:

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