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Can we talk to ISIL ?


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Seems Labour Leadership contender Owen Smith thinks so !    Which perhaps displays a level of political naivity that should bar him from being an MP, let alone PM !  When your dealing with a brainwashed cult, there is only one answer, total extinction of every rabid fanatic; just as in WW2, we demanded unconditional surrender, and in the case of Japan, had to top it off with two nukes; ISIL has to be eradicated as an operational entity. At least Corbyn had the sense to realise this.

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Smith does seem to be a dangerous contender with views like that & in many situations of terrorism jaw jaw has to be involved in the end game especially where there is a clash of ideals & principles that cause the main problem. However, you cannot negotiate with brainwashed cults who only understand violence to further their aims. I think we need to stifle their financial support to bring  ISIL to its knees then discompassionately execute all its murderous members.

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