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Search for Harevest Mice - Sat 1st March - Gatewarth San

Geoff Settle

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14 members of the Warrington Nature Conservation Forum met at the Ferry car park and walked to Gatewarth No 3 tip in search of Harvest Mice.


The tip was sealed some time ago and Harvest mice released onto the site. The pupose of today's visit was to see how many could be found or at least evidence of them being there. To read about the relaese etc click here Harvest Mice release 2003


I only joined them as far as the gate because I had Lucy(our dog) with me but I'll let you know what the group found.


One of the main pruposes of the group is to count/record etc the many difference species to be found in Warrington and try and ensure that their environment is sustainable.


One of our summer projects will be to count Swifts. At our recent committee meeting Brian showed the results of his last survey some years ago and its amazing where these birds nest. There are loads in Westy for example but very few where I live. It all depends on the eaves of the houses.


So if you want more information on the above check the group's web page or send me a PM.


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I have just discovered a new hobby !


Human binocular spotting i have named it :D


Its similar to birdspotting but you look for humans carrying binoculars,


The large beaked sutton nesting tit ( Latin Thickius Twitius ) aint easy to spot cause its well camoflarged and tends to hide in shrubs and long grass, Plummage: somewhat similar to a vulture, scrawny bald neck, mottled appearance

pronounced beak and small beady eyes.

Breeding habits. To disgusting to mention on here !


The Ring Necked Poulton Plover ( Latin Gormlessious councilloriuss )on the other hand tends to inhabit urban areas and tends to wander aimlessly.

It is instantly recognised by its constant but pointless jabbering, Plumage: Pale coloured with hints of ginger, of scrawny stature and prone to

collections of pus encapsulated in granulated tissue ( boils to you )

Breeding Habits, Tends to mate once a year but cant remember why !

When mating, female keeps eyes closed cause she dont like to see the male enjoying its self ! :D

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Here are some details:


2008 Swift Survey

This year?s survey will be the first for ten years following on from BM?s original baseline data gained in the 1990?s. Ideal time will be evenings in late May/early June to start surveying. Brian will lead training sessions so then members can survey other areas. For this species of bird we wont be looking for nests just ?screaming parties?, this is following national guidelines. Dates for training and first surveys to be confirmed.
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