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Dave's EU Deal ?


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I cannot believe a word the EU says...how long after a referendum voted to stay in & welcome Dave's reforms would it take for the the Burghers of Brussels to renege on the deal & suck us further into its black hole.

From the early days when various prime ministers went cap in hand to beg to be allowed into the Common Market ,only to be told "Non!" by De Gaulle, the Europeans  have called the tune for us to dance to. Went we eventually were allowed in it was on their terms.

Whatever has happened re the EU has always been at a disadvantage to the UK & for the benefit of our "Euro friends". Even now our fishing fleet is hamstrung by quotas while foreign boats fish our waters with gay abandon.

Only one solution ,get & stay out of this corrupt organisation, but no doubt Dave has both eyes set on a seat in the Euro Parliament so why should he really want to leave the EU along with many of his cronies ?

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This fig leaf is frankly farcical, and an insult to the intelligence of the British voter. However, no doubt project fear will win the day, aided by a vote given to all the EU immigrants living here.


I understood that EU migrants were not being allowed to vote, even if they were resident here... otherwise that would be about 2 million votes in the wrong direction for a start... or turkeys voting against Christmas!

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