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WWI Stamford Hospital. Dunham Massey.


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We went to the WWI Stamford Hospital at Dunham Massey yesterday and found it to be a very realistic event that the Hall recreated, a very emotion and informative experience that I don't mind admitting brought tears into my eyes, the event has been running for two years and finishes a week tomorrow on the 11th of November. If you are a member of the National Trust parking and entry is free, if you are not a member then I'm sure there will be a charge.

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Thanks for the info Algy.  I didn't realise it closed next week as I've been meaning to go there but never got round to it. 

Hopefully I'll manage at the weekend or you'll have to upload me a photo tour :D

I just looked at the prices and it's £12 for adults (that gets you into everything including the gardens) and there is an additional £6 to pay to park. 

You'd think you'd get parking for free if you're going into the grounds but not to worry.

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Dizz, the link that Hill Cliffe Walker has posted really does justice to the event, the interaction by the nurse and soldier patient is so brilliant and takes you back to those terrible times, I know it is expensive but as something that will never be created again try to get to see it Dizz.

Ps. take a clean hankey with you!.

Pps I have replied to your message.

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I believe so as there are notices saying that flash photography is not allowed so to me that means you can use a camera as long as you don't use the flash, I didn't take my camera as I assumed that I would'nt be able to use it, bad mistake and may go back next week and see if I can use it!.

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