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How to get into Galway


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Blimey that looks so damn easy and not tricky at all but then again I am a girlie driver and everyone knows us females are far better at parking and maneuvering vehicles lol :wink:

My first reaction on seeing it was to say 'look how it hit the entrance on the way in' and then I saw the little red boat following behind it behind it which really wasn't doing very well at all lol

Re the big one are there guide/anchor ropes (no idea what they should be called sorry) ready and waiting that automatically catch the ship as it gets in as two seemed to suddenly appear in the water from the ports dock side.

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Those are ship's ropes Dizzy. We land the first one from th bow and a second one from the stern. The bow rope (spring line) is used to lever (spring) the bow around the corner while the stern rope is used to stop the stern swinging too far around and hitting the far wall. The ropes appear suddenly because of the time lapse photography I suppose. I haven't been there mself for a few years but have done this manouevre several times on various ships including Galway Fisher. Always guaranteed to get the adrenaline flowing :lol:

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