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Green deal.


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Yet another expensive government flop to so called help home owners to make their homes more energy efficient. It is being scrapped because only 33,000 people took up the offer ,no doubt no one else could meet the qualifying conditions . Cost £171 million.

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Well i for one did not take it up despite getting numerous calls from some computer generated female about the new government initiative for boiler scrappage. (about six a week at present despite having pressed 9 on my landline and # on my mobile)


out of frustration at these calls i did request a callback and was told that if i took up the offer then i would get about £300 towards the cost of the new replacement boiler. cost for the new boiler including fitting and removal of old boiler £1500. so it would still have cost me £1200. certain plumbing installation people could do the same for about £900 so bit of a no brainer there.


but did like the silence when i asked what type of boiler they were going to fit and recieved "an energy efficient central heating boiler" reply to answer that with so that means i will have to have central heating fitted as well then. several seconds of silence before the inevitable "you don't have central heating" er no i dont does that make a difference. "yes the only ones we do are central heating ones so we can't do anything for you" quick apology and end of phone call.


same thing for the windows scrappage ones as my windows are less than ten years old. loft insulation now so deep that cannot get into it without a safety line and snow shoes to stop me sinking knee deep in it. and the last one who came down to have a look at cavity wall insulation had a bit of a shock when they realised that they would be on a loser as they would have to drill holes between each layer of header brick on my house (which is about every fifth layer of brick)


so that only leaves the ppi wallers and "keith" from computer problems inc to deal with and my phone will never ring again. :lol:

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I have decided just to carry on with my old boiler till it gives up the ghost. We had at least 3 wall insulation specialists in one six month period & every one went away unable to do the job ,apparently my wall cavities are the wrong size. It seems this must have been a so called driver of the economic miracle as firms  have sprung up all over hoping to deliver Green Deal to millions of expected customers.

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