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Trading on a sunday?

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seems that our duly elected mp wants to fight the changes being made to opening hours on a sunday longer.


the retailers don't want the changes, the workers don't want the changes and the shoppers don't want the changes.


Given all that what s the problem with extending the opening hours. Just because they can open longer doe not mean that they have to open longer or at all if they so decide.


in theory pubs can open 24 hours a day. how many do that none that i know of. so why should longer opening hours for shops have any effect on what hours they open on a sunday. Simple answer MONEY (or bums on seats as it is known in fats fast food industry)


so this bit of nonsense will probably take up valuable resources and debate time in parliament that our mp's could be using to fiddle fill in thier important expenses forms.

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I think it is ridiculous really Sid, when the move is towards 24 hour home shopping, & all encouraged by the companies themselves. As we've already heard Tesco & B&Q are going down the route of closing stores & all these big companies now have online ordering so they don't need to carry as much stock. It must be terrible when a company isn't making enough £ billions of profit !

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