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Nick Bent's petition


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Wet behind the ears though he undoubtedly is, Nick Bent must surely know that the least effective way of influencing politicians is a petition. Thus it is clear that his petition calling for the scrapping of tolls on the new Runcorn-Widnes bridge is designed for publicity only, presumably to try and earn Brownie points for Labour on an issue that all the political parties, and just about everyone else in Warrington, is opposed to.

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Naïve also. The only reason the people of Widnes and Runcorn got the free tolls was on a technicality about charging tolls on a road within one borough. Apparently it doesn't apply to business owners regardless of whether they live local or not and as such the extra charges will be passed on to the people of Halton. The only hope he has got is to push for the Tolls to be removed on the existing bridge as this wouldl be a first for charges to be applied to any existing bridge. However, he won't get them removed because the world and his dog will then use that bridge and not the new one.   

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