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:lol: :lol: :lol:  :lol:  Thanks Algy it's brill.    At least youtube is not as grumpy as facebook eh :wink:

Wolfie... didn't you make my spinning dizzy avatar for me at the time or was it Evil Sid... I'm sure it was you though but shame on me for not remembering :oops:

PS Baz's had my little duck singing that I was going to 'whip somebodies ass' for those who may be wondering :lol:

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Very nice alg, but wasn't it Geoff Settle who came up with the Dizzy duck in Diz's avatar ?????


I can confirm that statement.


Who ever came up with that random thought  from Wolfie?


Anyway I get travel sick in the car if I am a passenger and watching the about has sent me Dizzy I'm so Dizzy........I can't even get an avitar where do I buy them? 

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So I make you feel sick do I Geoff, charming :lol: :lol:

It's all coming back to me now and yes you did think of the duck but Wolfie made it spin.

Ask him to make you one... but you'd better be nice to him for a while first.  Or just find one on the web.... mine's a .gif file so they work on here.

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