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Friday Fun

Latchford Locks

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An expert on European wasps and the sounds that they make was walking down the high street one day and happened to look into a record shop.

In the window was a new record which had all the sounds of European wasps on it. He thought "I must have that," so he went into the shop and asked if he could listen to a few minutes of the record

The assistant put it on and told him to go into a booth. The expert listened to the record and came out shaking his head. He said "I don't recognize any of the sounds on that record and I am an expert on the sounds that wasps make."

The assistant said "I'll play a few more minutes of it." After a few more minutes the expert came out and said "I'm an expert on wasps but I don't recognize anything on that record."


The assistant looked at the record and then exclaimed,


"Ooops I'm sorry,


I have been playing you the Bee side."



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