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A Bit of fun with electricity

Lt Kije

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Have seen similar before and it is spectacular. The surprising thing is that such things have been around for about a hundred or so years. There was a demonstration on i think tommorows world where they used a TIG welder coupled to a tape player. The original idea was for the TIG to use a tape to regulate the arc and produce a more even weld. Some wag in the developement and testing department replaced the specially prepared tape with one from his collection of tapes for a joke. Surprisingly instead of the  duff result he expected he was greeted to a perfect result and the strains of whatever was on the tape. As long as the arc welder got some sort of signal it improved the quality of the weld and now had the addd bonus of music whilst you worked.


if you google plasma speakers you can get a tutorial on how to produce your own along with a warning that they can be extremely hazardous to your health by way of high voltage shock and ozone build up in enclosed spaces.

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