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Stockton Heath Underground Toilets


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That's got me wonderig too Roman126

I definately remember the toilets still being there when I was a kid and also I'm sure I remember them when I was in my late teens too so that would have been 1970s to maybe mid/late 80's.  But after that it is a blur.   I can't remember them still being there when our son was little in the mid 90's though but the toilets near the doctors surgery/church were there then. 
Maybe the village centre ones were closed and filled in when the surgery and the others were built nearby.  When was that ? 

As for the tram lines I'm not sure they did actually run across the area where the toilets used to be as the toilets were quite close to the Mulbery Tree pub and the tram lines on the older maps look more like they cut across  towards Grappenhall road on the area where the traffic island was later built (1930's)

Here's a map I marked showing the tram lines and pub etc.  mapofundergroundtoilets_zps540f4eb6.jpg

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And here are the only photo's I have of the toilets

This one is date 1936 and I think you can just make out the railings on the toilets in front of the Mull near the van on the right hand side


This one is much later and the island has been replaced with traffic lights and the central pedestrian area infront of the Mull made bigger.  That's how I remember it being.


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I see what you mean now Baz re the photo's but all the old maps show the tram lines in roughly the same place.  How confusing.

Mmmmm pondering again now though as I can't see them on the 1920's aerial view either and I was always led to believe they were late Victorian or at the least Edwardian.  Seems not then....

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