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Warrington and co doing really well!


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Recent reports have been proclaiming how brilliantly well Warrington and co have been doing and that economically Warrington is on the up and up. If this is the case can we now expect that the cuts to services for the old, disabled and vulnerable will be reversed and that food banks will be unnecessary?

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Just wondering.. but having just looked who Warrington & Co are is it normal to have a company like that with a group of developers, local councillors, same cheif exec as the council etc etc etc. 


Surely that could cause a conflict of interests somewhere along the lines.  Maybe not though as I only looked at the who are we page

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Yes Obs and ENRON is a worrying example.

These days from the govt down to small businesses 'willy waving' seems to be an increasing occupation - usually engaged in to cover or divert from serious deficiencies.


How reliable the research findings from 'centre for cities' actually is I don't know but statistics are statistics and it's commonly known that the representation of which can be pliable as plastercine.


Note that Warrington and co are not making a big issue of some other aspects in the same report - such as the fact that Warrington is close on bottom of the league for control of Co2 emissions and also 'life satisfaction' has been decreasing rather than increasing. I would have thought these should be priority issues to focus on. Warrington and co seem to concentrate on financial issues but they must realise that if living here makes people unhealthy and unhappy it won't do the housing market much good.

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