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Coast another superb BBC production and now the book

Geoff Settle

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This is another great series not just for us Geographers like me and Mary but made so that everyone can appreciate the landscape and scenery.


The two that I have seen have been about the Welsh and Irish coast and were excellent giving a real appreciation of how the coastline has evoloved. Unlike the David Dimbeleby British Landscape this series has a main presenter who is supported by a 3 or 4 experts in their own fields and they really explain their specialist subjects clearly and to a high level making it a fascinating experience and one that you just want to get your walking boots on and get down to the sea.


I'll try and get into Waterstones this week to skim read the book and let you know what it's like, but for now here's amazon's take.


Accompanying the BBC series, Coast is not only a superbly illustrated celebration of Britain s coastal areas but a practical guide to all that they have to offer. The first part of the book is divided into the 12 coastal regions as featured in the programme, with lavish photography, maps and evocative essays. The second part is a region-by-region reference of places, people, activities, natural history, historic events and fascinating facts all clearly laid out to help you plan your own trip. Whether destined for the coffee table, your reference library or the car, Coast takes you there with charm and style.
and don't miss another BBC 2 series and book



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Well out of the two books I prefer the journeys from the centre of the earth. It's about the geomorpholgy of ther Mediteranean and a fascinating story it is that impacts the whole of the region.


Of the two the Coast books has loads of photographs with some exceptional ones. At the back of the book is a gazetta of the coastline with many web refereneces so that you can get more details.


You can also download information to you mobile about the walks and I think in some places you can listen to a commentary describing coastal features and areas of the walk through Liverpool. As a consequence of the series a number of new walks have been signed.


So a legacy program as well can't be bad. :D


Both books are good value for money.

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The first episode I saw of this excellent programme, I saw by accident!! I haven't got a decent memory, but I have managed to catch each programme including the Liverpool Coast, the SW Coast, the Morecambe Coast, the Northern Irish Coast and the latest Scots Coast. What a fabulous programme!! :)



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Here's my book review for Amazon

Make sure you read this book before you go on your next Mediterranean Holiday, or maybe after reading this book you will be flicking over to Easy Jet or Ryan Air and booking your flight to visit some of the wonders described.


The TV series has opened my eyes to a whole different understanding of Mediterranean Geomorphology. I studied the subject at Lanchester Poly (Coventry University) as a module but the clarity of this book will enable everyone to understand the theories of plate tectonics, mineral formation, vulcanicity, hot springs, sea level rise like never before.


It uses simple everyday techniques to get across complicated ideas. After reading this book the complications disappear.


Lovely photographs and extremely well researched.


After reading this book you will not be content to simply get a sun tan on your holiday you will be off exploring and really really enjoying your holiday 10 tens better.


But don't take my word for it pop down to your local book store and flick through the book.

Let us know what you think.
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I watched the last one and was revited and am definately going to watch the rest if I get chance - actually is it on again tonight? If so I'll be watching.

The chap who presents it is lovely, so very enthusiastic - I have watched him in other programmes - history mainly.

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Can't comment I fell asleep, exhausted just watching Paula's great Marathon victory and then going for a hard run myself afterwards.


Managed to see the bit where the Scots had to leave the highlands to be replaced by the shepp and then it was lights out for me until the credits rolled :D


Ah well the sun is up and about and time for the Ozzies batting to collapse later in the day but now it's time for my morning run. :D


[ 15.08.2005, 05:24: Message edited by: Geoff Settle ]

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