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:lol:  :lol:  :lol: Such power eh :wink:


Laughed at the news report saying they were found in the ITC suite of the school too and I though ha ha 'world wide WEB' too.  Schools probably have no choice but to close as if a kid got bitten and had a reaction and the school knew they were there but did nothing they'd probably get sued.


These false widows have apparently been in the country for years.  Media coverage and a couple of unfortunate people who have clearly had reaction to their bites has brought them into the spotlight and now everyone worried and watching out for them in fear. 


I was talking about them only today with my sister who lives down south as she says they keep seeing them there... or so they think as different web sites describe and show them looking completely different, some say they just look like a normal house spiders ?


I did just google the news report about the school and  they show one on there.... I'm sure I saw one like the one they showed in my garden recently though and also there is a spider with a bag of eggs living on the outside of my bedroom window which looks very similar although much smaller.  EEK !!!


These are the ones to look out for though..... Obs you will hate this as they are apparently coming over on boats and I very much doubt they have visas and passports to do that :lol:



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The false widow spiders were supposedly first reported in England in 1879 so they have been here a long time. Yes they can bite and it does hurt but nobody has been reported as dying from having been bitten by them. In fact bee and wasp stings are more dangerous as people have been killed after being stung.by a wasp or bee.

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Nice picture of one on the link you so kindly provided Dizz, but hang on a minute!, to identify one of these 'eagles' of the spider world we have to catch one and turn it upside down to see the identifying red or orange spot under the creature, no thanks, I shall take my chances and as they say! "When in doubt put your size ten on it".

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