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Motorway Speed Restriction Signs.


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Why is at that motorway overhead speed restriction warning signs flash 50 mph or whatever and a mile or so later the all clear signs are flashing without any signs of what has caused the so called incident, is it that they have been switched on intentionally when no incident has occured just to reduce traffic speed, if so it is a very dangerous practice as drivers are tending to ignore the signs and one day there will be a pile up by the idiots who sanction the practice due to "crying wolf" once too often.

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The overhead gantries with the speed limit signs are supposed to be "intelligent" and able to slow traffic in order to prevent the stop-start problems that occur on motorways as the traffic volume increases. That's why you may get to the end of the so called problem to find no problem at all..... there never was a problem; the system prevented it by slowing traffic further back.


There has been controversy lately though because where variable speed limits are shown; speed cameras are used to catch those breaking the law and they are justified because the speed limits are shown and enforced. Apparently; on the newest section past Huddersfield, the sneaky old coppers have been leaving the speed cameras on even when there is no speed limit signs displayed and catching motorists exceeding the 70mph limit but without any warnings that the cameras were active.


The lawyer; Mr loophole reckons that is illegal as there are no signs to indicate active speed traps are operating when all the signs are switched off.... Suppose they have to pay for this stuff somehow!!

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But there is  still a 70 mph limit on motorways for cars & motor bikes so why should it be illegal to pull drivers for exceeding  that limit .


because there are ways to do things Davy.... being sneaky and turning on speed cameras which were "advertised" as being used only when the reduced speed restrictions were in force is wrong and is just doing it to make money.


There is a 70mph limit; the majority of drivers exceed that and the Police have always accepted that to a degree; that is until they want to earn some extra cash and the usual fall guy is the motorist

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