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Downton Abbey ?


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Seems the PC Brigade are up in arms over the recent plot line, where a maid is sexually assaulted and attempts to cover up the incident; saying it promotes violence against women etc.  But isn't this a period drama, set in the 1920's, when attitudes were completely different, than today's PC view? Mind you, if this sort of incident did happen, it's a wonder we don't get posthumous complaints to the Police !

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 Not the PC Brigade Obs, just normal people who watch TV for entertainment and feel the episode was a bit over the top for supposed Sunday night family entertainment.   Why does everyone who doesn't share your extremely narrow take on life have to be PC , liberal or luvvie?

To use your favourite word, seems to me you need to get a life, basically just give it a bloody rest..

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Your clearly one of "them" - there was a warning before it started, it was on after the watershed - enough said. However, the PC brigade are twittering on about the fact that the maid, didn't want anyone to know about the incident, which would tend to conform to the attitudes of the period; unless of course you and your ilk want to re-write history !  Can just imagine a PC war film, with SS guards fraternising with Jewish prisoners !

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Correct me if I am mistaken, but last time I checked, Downton abbey was categorised as a 'Television drama'. Now for it to be classed as such, it needs one important ingredient...what is that word...oh yes - Drama! The show is simply attempting to create verisimilitude by focusing on themes of it day and themes that some may be able to relate to. I completely understand why some people were shocked by the story line. There are people on Twitter stating that it trivializes rape or that is was too "shocking" to be show on Downton. I'm sorry if people agree with this statement but the show has focused on many hard hitting themes such as adultery, abuse, bullying, issues with class, violence, war, miscarriage, death and murder. If anything, I think the events depicted encourage viewers to reflect and think about the issues that are present in the world. "Shocking" plots in Downton are nothing new. As I said in my earlier post, the drama is simply covering issues of its time. Rape and abuse of servants is unfortunately one that hasn't been touched on since now. 


Here is a story that was reported in the Telegraph:


Dr Pam Cox, a social historian at Essex University who presented last year’s BBC series Servants – The True Story of Life Below Stairs, said the plot had depicted a realistic situation.


“Female servants were raped, abused and harassed,” she said. “There was a hierarchy within the servants’ hall and butlers and valets were in a position of power.

“And in the early 20th century men had huge power over women.”


Let's home that Anna doesn't get sent to a magdalene asylum for her sins.


I am looking forward to next weeks episode to see what happens. I believe that there will be an introduction of the first black character after complaints that Downton isn't culturally diverse enough. Obs, you will love this one  8)





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And perhaps the guy with the black moustache, beret, striped jumper and string of onions round his neck and riding a bike is not really an itinerant French onion seller.

He may not be, Sid, he may just happened to have been shopping for onions for his missus!. :wink:

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