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Ali Naughton


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Ally (Albert) Naughton came from Widnes as did brother Danny, both played for their home town Widnes prior to joining 'Wires and both achieved international status. He held the record RL transfer fee when Widnes sold him to Warrington for around £4,600 in 1949 - 1950 season. He took over from Harry Bath as landlord of the Britannia Inn, Scotland Rd. in 1956. There was also another brother Johnny Naughton who played for Widnes and may have played for Warrington?.

Ally played 95 games for  Widnes and scored 21 tries.  He made 348 appearances  for Warrington, scoring 167  tries.

Great tribute (link below) from his home town newspaper, pity warrington couln't have done the same for his family!.




Picture: Credit to Darrell Cooper & Runcorn/Widnes Weekly News.


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Ally Naughton served the Wire with such distinction that his passing should have been marked with more than a terse press release.

The current management are doing much that is good but the lack of acknowledgement of such a great servant speaks ill of their 'community' aspirations.

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