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Manchester Classic Car Show 21st & 22nd September


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Is yours in it Baz ?


Sounds like a good day out like you say no parking charges mean you can make a full day of it,

For once we have a full Sunday free so might go and have look can't see my other half actually taking me there and then for a meal and to the cinema too though all in one day, it might be too much for him as he's not used to spending long uninterrupted spells of time with me   :lol: 


How much is it to get into the car show ? 

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Yes it is mine and no that isn't me!!!


Mind you.... had my eye on this beauty.


If I had the best part of £100,000 to spare I could invest it in Jamiroquais Lamborghini Diablo SE.... this was his car and the one used in the "Cosmic Girl" video!







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Swoon...... my all time dream car but wrong colour as I've always wanted an orange Diablo.  Must admit that colour is growing on me the more I look at it though... time to check the lottery tickets fingers crossed :) 


PS I knew it wasn't you I was just kidding... have you changed your reg ?

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