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I have in my possession a set of wonderful items which relate to a soldier who died in WWI. He was a Stockton Heath lad, a former teacher in Warrington, and a member of the Methodist church. By all accounts he was a pleasant gentleman, but there are no surviving relatives that I can contact to pass these items on to. I wondered if there was any exhibition planned ready for the centenary next year of the start of WWI. I would be happy to pass on this not inconsiderable bundle of items if they were able to form part of an exhibition. I'd be happy to scan them and transcribe the letters etc.. I have attached a list of the items.

Best Wishes,




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That's a wonderful list of items you've got there. On no account should you get rid of them. I am sure that Warrington Museum would be delighted to receive and display them. There are exhibitions being planned all over the country during 2014 and there will almost certainly be something along that lines in Warrington. If you like, I will find out for you what is happening in the town.

Strangely enough, on Friday I met a man whose grandfather I am studying. This man was an ex-Warrington RL player who also died in May, 1918 and is buried in the same cemetery as Mr Whitfield. I visited Bienvilliers MC in May, 2010 as part of my project on Warrington RL players who died in the Great War.

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Just had another thought, what regiment was he in? Do they have a Museum who may want the memorabilia? One of my relatives was in the South Lancs Regiment, I contacted their Museum in Preston for some info, they didn't have what I was looking for but asked that if I turned anything up myself could I pass it on to them. 

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Hi Angella


I am currently doing some work on Warrington in WW1 with research through Warrington Library and writing a book for non profit - I recognised the name from initial research I have done -  would it be possible to have a look at the letters and perhaps try and include some of this information


thanks Angella





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Hi Nigel and welcome to the forum :D


I'm not sure that Angela still looks in on here as she has not been online since 14th August (although she may be looking without actually logging in).


I did send her a personal message via the forum some time ago but sadly didn't get a reply so I don't think she must have got it.


Re George Arthur Whitfield,  I presume you know that his name is on the Stockton Heath Cenotaph (I have a photo of that) and you have his service records (I have those too)


After Angela's original post I started to research him just out of interest with him being a local lad (and the fact that there are Whitfield's in my family tree but I don't think he's one of mine).  Quite sad to read all his army records and his dads letters from when he was trying to get his sons scroll and medals.  Sadly his father died before they were finally received by his mother :(


I started to research other names on both cenotaphs too as it was my mission to find out as much as I can about each person listed who gave their lives for Stockton Heath and Walton before the 100 year centenary this year.  I must carry on with that as it's really nice to know a little more about the person and the families behind the names that I walk past so often and I find myself saying 'hello' to them when I walk past the cenotaphs or the houses and streets where they once all lived.

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Sorry, I forgot to add...... please can you let us know when your book is published Nigel as I will most certainly order and buy a copy :D


Such a shame that all Angela's wonderful treasure trove of information can't be passed on further down George's family line :(  If by any chance you are reading Angela can you post the photo of him as I'd love to see what he looked like and whether he matches the image I have created if him and his family in my head. 


Infact I'd love to see the whole lot so I hope it does one day get put on display in his home town :) 

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