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    WWI resources

    I have in my possession a set of wonderful items which relate to a soldier who died in WWI. He was a Stockton Heath lad, a former teacher in Warrington, and a member of the Methodist church. By all accounts he was a pleasant gentleman, but there are no surviving relatives that I can contact to pass these items on to. I wondered if there was any exhibition planned ready for the centenary next year of the start of WWI. I would be happy to pass on this not inconsiderable bundle of items if they were able to form part of an exhibition. I'd be happy to scan them and transcribe the letters etc.. I h
  2. I am not local to Stockton Heath, but have had cause to visit a few times over the past few months. I was surprised to see the Mill Pool being called The Open Air Swimming Pool, Stockton Heath. I have not seen the pool, but looked at it on Google Maps. If you want to see a picture of the changing rooms you can see it at http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Open-Air-baths-Stockton-Heath-Lake-Warrington-postcard-/130965434467?pt=UK_Collectables_Postcards_MJ&hash=item1e7e25f063 There are a few other Stockton Heath postcards in 'other items'. I'm learning quite a bit about the area.
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