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The answer to the question is 42?

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Has anyone seen the film yet, it looks good - Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy ?




BBC review is as follows:

Thumbs (and towels) at the ready: this adaptation of the late Douglas Adams' sci-fi classic is more than just "mostly harmless", it's bloomin' brilliant. Even if you don't know your Slartibartfast from your Babel Fish, director Garth Jennings' take on the travails and travels of Arthur Dent (The Office's Martin Freeman) as he hitchhikes through the galaxy after the demolition of Earth is instantly endearing. It should do for British sci-fi what Shaun Of The Dead did for British horror.


The clips I've seen show that a great deal of thought has gone into bringing the script alive and in good faith.


[ 07.05.2005, 19:44: Message edited by: Geoff Settle ]

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It opened here yesterday but I have at least three films backed up ahead of it -- the Crusades, a film called CRASH by Paul Haggis on Los Angeles racism, and Paris Hilton in House of Wax. (nooooooo, I was just jesting about the last one. My grandson saw it last night and said it stinks.)

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Both of my sons have gone to see this movie Geoff and they said:

If you never read the books or watched the series it will seem bizarre but fun.


Since they had read and seen the series it was a bit of a let down for them, several of the key characters were downplayed compared to the book.


But they said since Douglas Adams wasn't there to make it just perfect it would have to do.

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But he did write the screen play before he died?


Mind you from what I heard on a radio tribute he had some way of waiting for inspiration, like spending all day in the bath and only finishing scripts during the last few days of a deadline the rest of the time was spent waiting for inspiration and living in a depression, what a life but what an inpirational man. :wink:

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The 2 boys in my family went yesterday to teh movies to see this film..

Hubby having seen the original and read the books said it was good but not as good as the original series..

Son aged 13yrs enjoyed it and has been reciting lines from it since!!

Now he wants to read the books ..

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