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Bomb scare

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Actually it wasn't a bomb but it could have been. I was at Warrington bus station tonight about 11 PM (don't ask!) and saw a black backpack lying on the floor underneath the bench in one of the bays. I looked around but, of course, WBT closes down at 5PM Friday and there was no-one around who would be mistaken for any sort of security personnel. A short time later, before I had a chance to phone 999, 2 lads in their late teens wandered up and collected the backpack. I confronted them about their lack of awareness and they looked at me as if I was the one who was stupid! So are we security minded? Or is it all a game?

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That's actually a bit scarey to read Asp.  Like you say it could have been a bomb (thankfully it wasn't) or it could have been a bag of drugs dropped for pickup.....


....... or just something accidentally left behind by accident by some dumb traveller


But really there should be some sort of security and alert 'eyes' on guard especially in this day and age.

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Years ago, about a year after the Bridge St bomb, I used to work in Holland and Barrett in town. We spotted a hold all left on the bench outside, it was there for about an hour so we rang the police and reported it - they couldn't care less! Weren't interested at all. After another hour or so a panicked looking man ran over and seemed very relived to take it away so obviously all innocent and just a forgotten bag. Seeing as this was when the litter bins had been taken away and we were all supposed to be on the look out, I was amazed the police wouldn't even look at it.

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