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Road "improvements"


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I have just looked at the proposed improvements to the Cromwell Avenue/A57 Sankey Way junction, and to be honest it looks promising. They are finally getting rid of the bus lane on Cromwell; which the buses never use and doing some widening at the point where the traffic gets to the roundabout at Crosfields. Including a dedicated bus lane in the central reservation.


The problem I have with it all is the insistence on providing "shared use areas" which means the use by cyclists and pedestrians.... I have just travelled down Whittle Avenue and have seen two guys on bikes, in the pouring rain, in lycra shorts and hi-viz; insisting on sitting on the road with the cars, buses and trucks in really bad weather. 5 yards to their left is a "shared use path" which was installed at massive expense not two years ago but yet very few cyclists use it.....


can one of the lycra luvvies like Rod King please tell me why cyclists do not use these things? and if they are not going to use them, why waste the money building the bloody things in the first place????

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I agree having reviewed the plans that they actually appear to be better for once. Not sure about the "bus gate" and how that will work but thats not part of the immediate plans. Removal of the bus lane that no-one used is good as well particulary as 1. bus lane enforcement is the next revenue generating plan from WBC and 2. It just took up space that could be used anywhere (well lets be honest it was pretty much ignored anyway. Peace drive entrance getting widened is also good.


Our lycra bods are above the law as I see on a daily basis (yes they do ignore the rules of the road in percentage terms more than cars). It may come to the point when they are involved in an accident due to not using the adjacent dual use space, that they may well find they contributed to the cause of ther accident. Well we can live in hope.

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